God is building within you something magnificent. It is through our trials and tribulations that we experience the full extent of God’s grace and mercy. It’s when we can no longer pick ourselves back up that God whispers to our fragile and broken hearts, “I’ll take it from here my sweet child; I’ll take it from here.” It is when we feel that our faith is all but lost and we feel that we don’t even have a single tear left to cry that God says “I am here, I have heard your cries, and I am here to rescue you.” He fills us up and picks up the broken pieces and makes us into something new because it is in our brokenness that we can be rebuilt.

We are never alone on our journey, though we may feel that God has abandoned us or that we are being punished for our past mistakes we are not alone, God is with us but we do not have the eyes to see or ears to hear Him yet, we have not yet learned to hear His voice above the noise of this world and our eyes have not been trained to see His hand in every part of our lives. We all have felt this broken, this lost, and this afraid, but do not lose faith, for He is with you. I was listening to a song by the band We Are Messengers titled “I Don’t Have the Answers” and it goes like this:

I don’t have the answers, and maybe that’s okay

But we can search together, I’m not running away

And it’s okay to feel, the way that you do

And when you reach the end of yourself, I’ll be there too

When you can’t trust, I’ll trust for you

When you can’t move, I’ll stay with you

You’re not alone, it’s all I can say

I don’t have the answers, and maybe that’s okay

I don’t have the answers

But I can feel your heartache, I know it’s not okay

And I know you feel like you’re gonna break, but don’t pull away

And it’s okay to feel, the way that you do

When you reach the end of yourself, I’ll be there too.

God will always be there for you, he is with us always and in our darkest moments, he is closer than ever. So church, I challenge you to come to terms with your past, to use that heartache to pick yourself back up and let God work miracles in your life. May you use your pain as fuel, may you recognize that hurt in others and reach out to them, live them up, and move them closer to Christ. Help others who cannot see the face of their Savior and show them that God understands our pain and in order to save us all gave up His only begotten son to die for our sins. So now we stop feeling sorry for ourselves or ashamed of our past and look to the cross for peace and rest. Jesus is calling us to lay our burdens down and let Him lead us home.