In our darkest and most trying hours, God is near. He has not called upon us only to abandon us in our darkest hour, but He has called upon us to do His great work. He has built us, shaped us, just as a potter shapes clay, to carry this burden, to take this weight. We are His hands and feet, and we have a heavy load to carry, but the burden is ours, and we bear it with a humble kind of strength, a tireless tenacity until the job is done and He has called us home. It is through our almighty father that we have the strength and wisdom and compassion to heal the hurts of others, both seen and unseen. It is through Him that we have the endurance to get up and keep moving after suffering the loss of a patient, a loved one, a comrade in arms.

God has called you and me to serve humanity, to give of ourselves so that others may live and be free, to learn and to grow. Nurses, respiratory therapists, doctors, aides, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, teachers- all serve, and all are called to duty to put ourselves last and put others first. We are uniquely built with unique talents and gifts that allow us to serve in this capacity, and we touch the lives of others in a way that leaves a lasting impact. We are all unsung heroes, not doing it for the glory or a paycheck but for humanity, and for God. Whether we realize it or not we were made for this.

So the next time that you feel that God has abandoned you, or that your life or job has no meaning, reflect back on the people you’ve touched, the little things that were really big things to someone else. Simple kind gestures, an encouraging word, or imparting wisdom or advice on a new colleague is God working through you to help someone who needed it at that exact moment in time. He has orchestrated this beautiful symphony, and the melodies and harmony and timing are all in perfect alignment. We are all His beautiful creation because He made us perfectly, every one to serve in His kingdom here on Earth.

We are all just beautiful things made from dust.