How is it that most of us pray?

Often we pray for the sake of praying, or we pray for the health of a loved one or a friend, sometimes we pray for ourselves and our needs, sometimes we pray for healing, and many times we pray for a miracle. But how many of us pray to praise God for not just blessings but for the struggle and the strife? Today I prayed to God to thank him for the struggles too, for it is through the heartbreak that I have found God, actually called out his name and sought His face. It is from that struggle and those unanswered prayers that I have found my grit, my self-worth, and who God has called me to be.

Often when we hit rock bottom and can fall no further we have but one option and that is to turn our eyes to heaven to put our faith and hope in God to deliver us. I have found that it is through the trials that I have found my strength and perseverance to keep giving even when the world continues to take away. I lift my burdens to the Lord and praise Him for the opportunity to suffer as Christ suffered and dedicate my life to servant leadership as He has called me. I have grown monumentally as a person and as a daughter of the King by simply accepting my burdens and struggles as an opportunity to grow and mature in my faith and to deepen my relationship with God for through it all He has never abandoned me and even when the answer to my prayers is “no,” I know it is because He has other plans for me and that is okay.

Let us all practice praising God for the good, the bad, and the ugly. For recognizing that He is building within us the skills and coping mechanisms we need to be healthy, mature servants of God. We cannot go out into the world and speak to the injustices and struggle of the world if we have not witnessed or experienced it ourselves. We cannot empathize with someone who has lost everything and is now questioning the validity or existence of a God that takes away if we have not loved and lost and came out the other side with purpose or peace through our Savior.

Brothers and sisters, we have so much to give, and the Lord is preparing within us the heart of a leader to serve His kingdom and change the world because it is all or nothing. We are either all-in, or we are not, and God is waiting patiently for us to jump in the water and to love with a reckless love that knows no bounds, to serve with a passion that sets souls ablaze for the kingdom of heaven.