Life is a beautiful disaster, full of heartbreak and disappointment, loss and rejection followed by something beautiful; tiny moments strung together of grace, hope, and joy. Little glimpses of Heaven. The laughter of a child, the magic of a first kiss, the moment when you know you have found “the one.” It’s the peace you find in the early morning silence watching the sleepy world enveloped in darkness burst into glorious light as the sun breaches over the horizon. It is often difficult to recognize the light in this dark, cold world at times, but if we turn our eyes to God, He beckons to us to get up, to keep fighting. He pokes holes in the floor of Heaven and floods us with His light and warmth, giving us little glimpses of the wonder and perfection only He can provide.

As He shines that light through those little holes, it’s as if the light is pouring in through a colander, muted at first, like trying to look out of a dirty window. But soon our eyes begin to adjust, and we can see the beauty in this ugly, tainted world. Soon we begin to feel Him in everything around us, in the soft, cool rain as it brushes our cheek, washing us clean. It is in the long, softly blowing grass dancing rhythmically in the hay field, caressing our hands as we run through parting the blades but not breaking them as we collide into a never-ending horizon.

It is in the still of the night when the world seems to stop spinning, and just for a moment, everything makes sense, the calm before the storm. This is where God speaks to us, if we would only learn to recognize His voice, He yearns to connect with us, but we shut Him out. He is screaming our name through the storm but we cannot hear Him, we cannot see Him, we cannot feel him. We are so consumed by this world, caught in Satan’s grasp. We feel caged, trapped like we are drowning, but God is with us, and if we let Him He will save us, but we must WANT to be saved.

Some of us would rather drown in our misery than let go of our past, we hold on to the good AND the bad because we fear that those memories are all that we have, that somehow by letting go of our past we let go of those we have loved and lost, we let go of ourselves and we enter into a world of unknowns. But God has called us to take up our mats and move! God wishes us to be made whole, but we must believe that we shall be and we must believe that we are worthy. We must trust that God can and will heal us, that we will be made whole, and that we will be redeemed. The Bible is full of stories of miracles rooted solely in faith and trust that at that moment God will come through as He said He would, but it in our nature to be distrustful and skeptical, even in the midst of a miracle we find ourselves questioning the validity, rationalizing what we have witnessed.

We have lost sight of how big our God truly is, we have reduced Him to some superficial being with limited abilities, we have humanized Him and put Him in a box on a shelf to be called upon only when things are dire. We have lost sight of the miracle. So today I challenge you to pick up your mat and GO! Leave your old life behind and be made new. Let God work His miracle in your life, let Him save you, let him out of the box. God is so much greater than your problems, and He knows the way so let Him lead you.