God is ever-present in our lives. He lies patiently in wait for us to seek Him, to heed His call. Often in life, we are consumed with things that keep us busy. We are enslaved to work schedules, school, our children’s extracurricular activities, church, and whatever else we can manage to cram into our never-ending planners. We are busy being busy; so much so that we have all but lost the ability to hear God when he speaks to our hearts.

We shy away from the discomfort of His call because that would require us to break away from our busy lives, our plans, and OUR dreams to pursue God’s plans for us. I often chuckle to myself when I feel God speaking to me and calling me to do something because it’s often followed by an immediate sense of dread and anxiety, that’s usually how I can differentiate my own will from that of God’s.

Obeying God can be uncomfortable, it can be terrifying to let go of what is known and venture blindly into the unknown. But God never makes us walk this journey alone, He is always there like a father teaching his son or daughter to ride a bike without training wheels- holding on and running along-side of us and then slowly letting go until we are doing it all on our own. God is a loving father who, in all His wisdom, allows us to fall, to grow, and to get back up again. Maybe you have been hurt following God or obeying His will but maybe He planned it as such that through that hurt we can grow spiritually to eventually fulfill a purpose we cannot yet fathom.

Often we find God in the most unexpected places. We discount the hard knocks and the heavy falls, often lashing out at God in anger and hurt. But He is building His kingdom and testing His people and someday we will all bask in the Glory of His grace. So get out there, get your hands dirty, break out of your comfort zone and lean in to the fall.