Motherhood is a beautiful gift, it is something unexplainable, it changes you, and molds you into someone completely different than anything you could have ever imagined before. Once that beautiful child is born your whole world is turned upside down in a glorious mess of love and struggle and sacrifice. Often we feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and overlooked, but in the eyes of our little ones we are their whole world.

Motherhood is long nights rocking a colicky baby, loads of laundry with no end in sight, a dirty kitchen with dishes piled in the sink, and negotiating with a toddler, aka terrorist, all while you are trying to have five minutes of peace to go to the bathroom. It is not a glamorous job, but it is a job we gladly accept. Often we find ourselves as mothers questioning our worth, our contribution, our purpose beyond cleaning up spills and wiping little noses, but we must remember that “motherhood is a daily decision to paint the ordinary moments of our days with the extraordinary love of Christ” (Alicia Bruxvoort).

​Our job is to raise these tiny little humans to experience the love of Christ through our undying, unconditional love poured into them through Christ. When we are loved, only then can we truly love one another, for “it is love that surpasses all borders and barriers. It is as constant and endless as the sea” (Lynne Cox). We are not just raising children, we are raising world changers.

So this Mother’s Day we celebrate all moms everywhere and the love and sacrifices they have made for us so that we may live our lives in the perfect love of our Savior. Whether they are with us, miles away or have joined our heavenly father, we remember their legacy and internalize their words of wisdom, advice, and encouragements. “This journey has been about love, about worth, about God, about what it means to know Him and be loved by Him in a way that grounds and reorders everything” (Shauna Niequist).